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Our Best

From Seed To Table

As part of our commitment to providing you with only the highest-quality melons, we have designed best practices that we apply from seed to table.


At Sol, we have deep roots in the lands of Honduras and Guatemala and the well-being of their communities is at the heart of our initiatives:

  • We provide clean drinking water to the families located in the surrounding areas of our farms.
  • We support and sustain local irrigation systems by donating water barrels that improve crop production for families whom are fully dependent on the crops for both income and consumption.
  • We create job opportunities on our farms that help local community members thrive.
  • During the off-season, we provide families with the opportunity to sustain a living through the sowing and production of corn as a source of familiar income. This initiative provides a source of income for over 200 families in the surrounding areas.

Fair Trade

With over 11,000 acres on 7 farms, we are the largest grower of Fair Trade Certified™ melons in Central America and the leading distributor in the U.S. and Canada. With every purchase of Fair Trade Certified™ melons, you directly contribute to programs that support the well-being of farm workers and their families.


We use specialized techniques to protect each melon throughout the entirety of the growth cycle. We begin our process by planting our melons inside nurseries to ensure each individual plant receives adequate nutrients and minerals. Once the plants develop, they are then transplanted in our farmlands to take root and fully mature before being harvested.


As an industry leader in food safety—certified by the Global Food Safety initiative (GFSI)

We adhere to the top safety standards and are tested using FDA approved protocols in our own accredited laboratories.

This includes maintaining 100% control of operations throughout both the development and distribution process on-site micro-testing and lab analysis; third-party audits.

Incorporating an industry-leading comprehensive monitoring system to measure traceability from our farms to your local store.

Refrigerating our melons at every stage of distribution so as to ensure our melons arrive fresh and ready to enjoy.